Why You need core strength

​a strong core prevents injuries and improves your game

  • You want to improve your golf swing

  • You want to improve your balance on the water
  • You want to get more power in your backhand
  • You want better looking abs
  • You want to run without pain
  • You are tired of living with back pain

GLIDE wants to help you with all of these.  Whatever your fitness goals are, GLIDE Core Fitness can develop a program to help you improve your game and keep you healthy and strong.

Beyond the Studio

A community of fit

We created our GLIDE blog, Facebook, and Instagram pages to help inspire our community to get fit beyond the studio. Here you will find tips on heathy eating, local events such as 5k's, paddle races, golf tournaments, etc., and exercises that you can do at home or at the beach.  We want to be able to answer any questions that you might have about weight loss, pain management, exercise routines, and a healthy lifestyle.  Sign up to receive our newsletter and follow our social sites.

South florida Love

GLIDE Core Fitness has been specifically designed with the South Florida life-style in mind.  Locally owned and operated, we design classes and private instruction based on what's important to you whether it's golf, tennis, surfing, paddle boarding, kite boarding, running, etc.  Our goal at GLIDE is to create functional workouts that will not only have you looking good, but also improve your skill level as well.  GLIDE is your athletic training center to improve your game.

glide through life

A healthy, sustainable life-style

At GLIDE, we believe that fitness should be a life-style, not something that you dread taking an hour out of your day to accomplish. We aim to give you the tools to take what you learn in the studio and apply them to whatever adventures take you beyond.  GLIDE's classes are designed to challenge your core and create a lean, toned body.